Other Published Works

My life in writing is both long and eclectic. Here, you’ll find everything I’ve ever written that’s been deemed fit to publish in addition to The Shanghai Quartet.

a published past

I started writing while I was still in high school. At the time, my repertoire was limited to farcical plays. Luckily, none of them has survived to haunt me.

In college and through law school, I wrote poetry. Some of it got published.

  • For Patience and “Chocolates, new University (University of California Irvine campus newspaper), 11 March 1980 and republished in Gumbo: A Magazine of the Arts (1981).
  • At the Convent“, new University (Fall 1980?)
  • “The Girl with the Patch” and “Grandmother,” a chapbook (1980?)

I wish I could show you this chapbooks since Yusef Komunyaaka edited it. But I lost a box of beloved books during the move from LA to DC. I hope someone out there is still enjoying them. Here’s a draft of The Girl with the Patch.

Then came the long dry stretch of non-writing.

the publishing present

Published short story Moon Cakes

Now that I’m back on track, I find myself moving back and forth between short stories and novels. Not just in my reading, but also in my writing.

Short form fiction requires muscular writing and brilliant flashes of action. Like the pictograms from which written Chinese evolved: a whole story inside a single character.

Here are the short stories I’ve had published so far:

  • Moon Cakes was published in Cha: An Asian Literary Journal (June 2016). It was originally written as the back story for Wong Jin, a supporting character from The Dancing Girl and the Turtle and soon-to-be star of Peace Court. In the short story Moon Cakes, we learn how Jin became a cook.
  • short fiction
    Jabberwock Review volume 35.2 winter 2015

    Words Fly By was published in Jabberwock Review (Winter 2015). It, too, has its roots in China though drawn from contemporary life: the process of losing the power of speech. See also the lovely review of this short story published in NewPages.com (July 2015).

the future of publication

As I get better at blogging, I see a future for myself as an essay writer. To be published not only on my own website but in proper forums like literary journals, newspapers and real-time online platforms.

I’ve had so many essays published by now that I’ve grouped them on their own page, which you can find here. And, in case you’ve managed to miss them, here are my weekly newsletters, too.

The Dancing Girl and the Turtle: publication date 01.04.2017