Every now and again, someone asks me to write an article. Sometimes, I elbow my way into the pages. In any event, these are my non-fiction works. They range from career advice to craft essays to the occasional article on politics.

Shanghai Literary Review

Table of contents Shanghai Literary Review No. 2
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It was a long-shot for me. An essay competition on the theme of Concrete for the Shanghai Literary Review. I started writing and ended up with Memory Palace, a work of creative non-fiction about the way memory feeds into my fiction. It had little to do with concrete but lucky for me, the editors liked my essay anyway. Published in Issue No. 2, December 2017.

Authors Electric

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Inspiration resides in the strangest nooks and crannies of the mind. But every now and again it needs to be fed. And that’s when I go a-travelling.

As guest blogger of the month, my blog post Wanderlust was republished on 31.08.2017 by Authors Electric, a truly electrifying honor.

Books by Women

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I have struggled my entire life with labels. I don’t want to count toward any diversity quota. Don’t look at my gender, ethnicity or immigrant status. Don’t treat me differently because I’m one of them.

But in order to succeed as a writer, you need to carve out a niche for yourself. And now I’ve found mine. We Are Not Labels was published on 20.07.2017.


This online platform dedicates itself to:

the quality of women living a fearless life after fifty.

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Kitten Heels is about how I transformed myself from corporate lawyer to writer. And why it would have been impossible to write my novel, The Dancing Girl and the Turtle, at any age other than the one I am now: 57. Published by Fiftiness on 29.06.2017 and republished with permission on my blog.


political article
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Blessed Are the Cheesemakers is a guest blog post (published 26.01.2017) that I wrote at the request of founder Anja Uitdehaag. She asked me to report on the Women’s March in Amsterdam. My first attempt at political essays. Here’s my take on the Women’s March and my own slow transformation from apathetic sideliner to activist.

linen press

craft article
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Ping-Pong: The Editing Process is a joint blog post for my publisher Linen Press. Director Lynn Michell and I talk about the editing process. Read how we transformed The Dancing Girl and the Turtle from a promising manuscript into a polished novel. (She was Ping and I was Pong. Or the other way around, I forget.) Published 23.01.2017.

nrc handelsblad

OpEd piece
NRC Handelsblad OpEd page, 11 November 2016

In the direct aftermath of the Trump election, I wrote my American swan song. That piece, Amerika is mijn land niet meer, ended up on the OpEd page of the Dutch national newspaper NRC Handelsblad (11 November 2016). This is the first of my essays to appear in Dutch and English. You can read the English version under the title These Boots Are Made for Walking.


live blog article

I loved being backstage at the Stadsschouwburg, the Amsterdam temple to theater. The occasion for this visit was TEDx Amsterdam. You can read about that madness in one of my earliest essays, The View from Backstage – TEDxAms 2015 (November 2015).


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