The Shanghai Literary Review Launch

TSLR launch party invitation
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Here’s an invitation to a launch event even though I won’t be sitting in the room. TSLR Issue No. 2 launches on 18 January 2018 at the Asian American Writers’ Workshop in New York City. And my nonfiction essay, Memory Palace, is in that review!

the shanghai literary review

Founding editor Juli Min describes The Shanghai Literary Review as

a place for art that captures the Shanghai of the mind.

TSLR is an ambitious new literary journal produced in Shanghai. Yet its editorial team is scattered across three continents and their mission is to create a transnational platform of artists. Their tastes run wide: fiction, nonfiction, translation, poetry and visual art.

So what does this all have to do with Shanghai? Here’s Juli Min’s answer in her Editor’s Note to TSLR Issue No 2:

Shanghai is a place that is beyond easy definition, outside of anyone’s grasp. It is simultaneously local and foreign, poor and rich, strange and familiar, shiny and dirty, nostalgic and futuristic. … [These contradictions] are at the core of this place, and are part of what inspires us, and what draws us all into her strange, seductive hold.

Words taken from my heart. And since I take my inspiration from that same place, I’m incredibly proud that the TSLR has agreed to publish my Memory Palace. That essay talks about memory as the source and inspiration for my writing: my own, my father’s, the stories I’ve heard and read and made up.

the launch

At the launch, you’ll be able to listen to fellow contributors Nancy Huang, Jianan Qian, Joy Huang Stoffers, Jeremy Tiang, and Julie Wenglinski read from their work. Some of the TSLR editors will be there as well to talk about writing, translation and the art of publishing a literary journal. Issues No 1 and 2 will be on sale as well as other works by contributors.