Month: August 2020

  • Dinner Time!

    Dinner is often on my mind. Well, food in general. But it’s become an obsession now that I’ve endured a 14 day quarantine while in Los Angeles and another 10 days following my return to Amsterdam. It’s time to party! Don’t worry, though. We’ll be entertaining dinner guests in a COVID conform fashion only. That […]

  • Soundscape

    For a writer, sound is finicky. It’s difficult to describe in words, let alone render onto the page. Cliches abound. Babbling brooks, birdsong, a lover’s sigh. And yet, to reach for that sensory detail of sound can make or break a piece of writing. Think of how we feel when robbed of our sense of […]

  • How Does Your Garden Grow

    Mistress Mary had a garden where, astonishingly, silver bells and cockle shells grew. I have a vegetable garden. I have no pretty maids to help weed or water or harvest. It’s a one-woman operation in the middle of Amsterdam. Not quite farming on an industrial scale. In the midst of a pandemic, it’s a comforting […]

  • Re-Entry

    I thought my travel days were over. A 7 month long round-the-world trip should be enough to sate anyone’s wanderlust. And then there’s the pandemic. Today, infection rates in Europe remain at a low simmer with occasional flare-ups in places like Barcelona and Antwerp. By contrast, the US is at a rolling boil with Los […]

  • Road Trip

    Whenever I come to Los Angeles, I spend a lot of time on the road. It is, after all, the Californian way of life. To sit in your car for hours at a time to get to and from work. Then spend a few hours more to arrive at dinner, a movie or a night […]