Month: April 2021

  • A Traveling Circus

    The National Palace Museum is the pride of Taiwan. Travel guides hail it as the best and the largest of its kind. A must-see collection of Chinese art and artifacts. Taiwan is our first destination on the journey that took my husband and me around the world in the 7 months before Covid-19 struck. We […]

  • Tap tap tap

    My grandpa loved his typewriter. He used it to tap out notes to his children, share thoughts with his US immigration lawyer and conduct church business. Luckily for me, he preserved all his correspondence using carbon copies. Even better, he wrote in English so that his ABC granddaughter could read his letters a century after […]

  • Growing Season

    Spring is the season for all things green and, in my case, grandiose gardening plans. This weekend, I bought 40 packs of seeds. Now the question is: will I execute this time? It feels like ages since the last time I had my fingers in the mud. Our trip around the world in 2019-2020 was […]