Month: July 2021

  • A Cold Wind

    A Cold Wind

    We were living the dream. Traveling from one exotic location to the next. Awed by art and food and nature. We had to wake up somewhere and in our case, that was New Zealand. Don’t get me wrong. New Zealand is awesome. It exceeds its reputation for natural beauty and then some. The Kiwis are […]

  • The Hump

    In month 5 of our 7 month round-the-world trip, I hit the hump. We had just arrived in Auckland. It was the start of a 5 week stay in New Zealand. The day we landed, the sky lit up with particulate matter drifting over from the bush fires in Australia. My husband and I had […]

  • Kalalau Trail

    Kalalau Trail runs along the Nāpali coast of the island Kauai in the US state of Hawaii. It consistently rates among the top 15 bucket list trails. What in the world made me think I could do it? I blame our friends on the Big Island for suggesting the Kalalau Trail in the first place. […]

  • Birthday Boy

    As the crow flies, it was a stupid idea to include Los Angeles on our round-the-world itinerary. For one thing, we were headed for Down Under. For another, Los Angeles was far from exotic or new to me. If you’re a born and bred Angeleno, there are only so many surprises the Southland can offer. […]