Interviews are part of the marketing program for any author, whether or not they’re about your debut novel. I went out of my way to get myself interviewed by old colleagues, new acquaintances and all my alma mater. Here are my interviews to date, from most recent to really old.

Georgetown Law

alumni interviews
Georgetown University seal. Image source: Wikipedia

Georgetown University Law Center is located on the Hill, within crawling distance from the Capitol, the Supreme Court and the White House. From 1981 through 1984, it’s where I lived. I studied there. All my food and drink came from the vending machines in the basement. If I had to do it all over again, this is probably the part I’d skip.

For beer money, I worked in the Placement Office for a counselor named Marilyn Tucker, whose job was to coach anxious almost-grads into the job market. Marilyn is still at Georgetown though these days interacting with alumni in the midst of a career transition. Bless her heart, Marilyn arranged for this profile to be published in the Fall/Winter 2017 issue of Georgetown Law.


Ramona Magazine

My high school alma mater went all out to promote my book and my visits to Ramona Convent in October 2018.  In addition to the cozy book corner at my 40th high school reunion and the overwhelming welcome by the Ramona student body, there was this interview, too. It appeared in the Fall 2017 issue of Ramona Magazine.


Ninja Book Box

It’s such a cool idea: a box sent to you once a quarter with a curated collection of books issued by independent presses. Books you wouldn’t otherwise find in your local book store (assuming you still have one) or even online unless you’re an indefatigable search engine. That’s the mission of Ninja Book Box.

So I’m really excited that The Dancing Girl and the Turtle has been included in this year’s Indie Extravaganza. And more than happy to be interviewed, of course! Published 02.11.2017.

Literary Globe

Vlog interview
Literary Globe. Image source: Facebook

Here’s another first for me: a vlogcast with the Literary Globe, a brand new on-line meeting place connecting authors, readers and booksellers. Also: excruciatingly painful for me to see myself on camera but this, I suppose, is the price of fame. You’ll have to turn up the volume, as this interview was recorded at Boekhandel van Rossum on a busy day. 18.05.2017

For Books’ Sake

writer interviews
For Books’ Sake. Image source:

A podcast! This was a first for me, an interview taped over Skype. The lovely Rebecca Wright and I talk about A Room of One’s Own. Where I write and what inspires me to do so. Broadcast #105 by For Books’ Sake on 08.03.2017.


Interview site
Logo calls itself

an on-line personal development community for professional/dynamic women in business of all ages and cultures.

This is the second of three interviews in which I try to explain the various career jumps I’ve made to get me where I am now. Published 03.03.2017.

LCN Legal

This is last of my law-related interviews by Paul Sutton, a ghost from my former life as a corporate lawyer. We talk about China, the law and the transition from law to writing. Published 27.02.2017.

NRC Handelsblad

Here’s a really old newspaper article (14.09.1998!) from NRC Handelsblad entitled Seks van de prez. For those of you who don’t read Dutch, reporter Maarten Huygen berates the media. How could you allow the salacious to take precedence over the serious? I get a (dishonorable) mention for having appeared on Buitenhof, the Dutch version of Meet the Press, and failing to condemn Bill Clinton for having sex with that woman Monica Lewinsky in the workplace.