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Whoa: guest lecturer at a university? This is a first!

Huan Hsu and Wade Geary teach a class on creative writing at the Amsterdam University College. As a guest lecturer, I get to piggyback on their hard work. My role will be to run a guest workshop on how a “real” writer works.

We’ll be using two of my short stories to talk about craft. Also, the process of extracting scenes from life and the hard work of turning them into fiction.

For example, “Frogs” is a work of flash fiction piece soon to be published by It took me 7 years from the time I heard the real life inspiration for this story to publication. Our focus here will be how to find the emotional heart of a story.

By contrast, “Words Fly By” will seem like a walk in the park given its short gestation period and swift publication in Jabberwock Review. We’ll look at how I’ve manipulated my life experiences to turn “the truth” into fiction.

My guest workshop will include three writing prompts and, if you’re game, a short in-class discussion of your work.

This event is open only to AUC students and faculty.


Oct 31 2018


10:00 - 12:00


Amsterdam University College
Science Park 113

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