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Master Class announcement
Master Class. Author photo credit: Maurits Bos.

It’s summertime at the International Writers’ Collective and time for a well-deserved class break. But that doesn’t mean radio silence. To keep those creative engines running, director Sarah Carriger has come up with a series of author lectures aka the Master Class. And I get to give the first one.


This won’t be a reading like the one I gave in April at the IWC Spring Reading. In case you missed that one here’s a video.

Instead of a reading, my Master Class will start with a conversation between Sarah and me about the techniques behind my debut novel The Dancing Girl and the Turtle. Here are some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • the legwork that goes into writing historical fiction and the various obstacles along the way,
  • whether and how to depict violence in your story,
  • deciding who gets a voice in your story and how to combine multiple points of view in a single work,
  • creating a multi-book arc, and
  • what it’s like to quit your job to write.

In the course of this conversation, there will be plenty of time for your questions. Ask me anything!

class exercise

I’m most excited about the official International Writers’ Collective exercise that Sarah will be making, based on my novel. It’ll be an exercise like the kind you’d get in a regular IWC class. You can take that exercise home with you and use it to practice applying my techniques to your own writing. Or start writing then and there.

But then you would miss the wine and cheese. That will be your opportunity to buy a copy of my novel, get it signed and mingle with other writers in Boekhandel van Rossum’s lovely garden.

Though, to get the most out of this session, Sarah and I recommend you read the novel in advance. You can purchase your copy at Boekhandel van Rossum or online from most major booksellers (available in print and ebook formats).

Hope to see you there!

master class redux

If you missed out on this class, you can check out my blog post Violent Femmes. Two of the topics we discussed: writing violence and history into your fiction.


Jul 22 2018


17:00 - 19:30



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Boekhandel van Rossum
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